I hate my grandma

downloadI’m generally a nice person , i don’t bother other people ,i respect other people idea ,actions and personal space but it seems that a lot of people fails to do the same in return , is it fucking hard to be respectful and kind to others , even if you don’t like some don’t pretend to like him just leave him alone and he will do the same so both of you can continue your life peacefully.

It a horrible thing to annoy others , yes just being annoying your are horrible because eventually you will not be satisfied with annoying and try to escalate things more and more as time goes by.

Imagine your trying to study and someone in the next room is talking for 4 consecutive hours and counting .. just shut up already . imagine that you are sitting peacefully in your room and someone push the door and start screaming about stupid things for no apparent reason and i can’t talk back because that would be disrespectful .

So how to handle it ?  (before i answer i would appreciate someone offering useful advice )

The problem is that i’m a sensitive guy the gets hurt even by words … so trying to accept other people when your are in a bad mood isn’t easy , you can write about it as much as you can , you can say it as much as you can but when it comes to the real deal your gonna find difficulties and thats ok because we are human .

What i have found it to be useful is to respond but in an indirect way showing that your upset but not saying it by words , if it doesn’t work i usually wake away but i seem to overthink it after that leaving me in a bad mood .

So in the end there is no clear solution for it , but jacking always help just kidding.



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