Are you crazy ?

During the past few months there was an idea in my head that comes and go . 

I told my dad that i was thinking of quieting medicine once and for all , and as any normal reasonable father would do ‘are you crazy ?’ he shouted . then  i said i was thinking of quieting but i’m still not doing it yet .

The question is why do you want to leave and what is keeping you from doing that ?

Well i want to leave because i’m sick of being told what to do , do this do that study this and study that , they have take the joy of learning into merely a job that every student should do , don’t they know that were human too .I once had a great deal of passion for learning and that passion has begin to fade ever since i entered med school , don’t get me wrong i love med school but i’m sick of the system that you must go along with it in order to achieve your dream and the most excruciating thing in all of this system that it is run  by unqualified people which a nice term for stupid self-centered narcissistic idiots who no nothings a bout what it takes for a student to succeed in their system and i’m hoping that one day me or anyone else with the same dream solve this problem .

The second thing is that you gave up a lot of things to reach where you are wright now ( 4th year med school ) while receiving nothing in return and it’n just not fair that you put a lot of your life on something and still not getting else in return .

So what’s keeping me from leaving ?

First i scarified a lot to reach where i am wright now and i’m not willing to let an non-functional system keeps me from achieving my dream even if i had to spent another 10 years in this fucked-up society .

Second i know deep inside that i still have the passion of learning and it reflecting on my grades and behavior in med school ( i’m in the top 10 of my class ).

Third before doing anything stupid i would like as they say to put yourself on a hard ground before doing anything so now i’m thinking of getting my degree and then figure out what i’m suppose to do with my life after this chapter ends.

I would like to thank everyone who have read or will read this article .


7 thoughts on “Are you crazy ?

  1. As a medical student myself I feel your pain 🙂 However, don’t let this throw you back. At this stage, yes unfortunately all we do is follow protocols. But to change them you need years and years of experience and learning. Getting there is tough and takes a toll sometimes. But don’t give up if you are thinking of quiting just for that reason 🙂

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