A movie worth watching

It’s 2 A.M here and suddenly i had an urge to write about this movie spirited away 

I’m not going to tell you it’s story or who acted in it and what studio has done this movies because really doesn’t matter that much .. why ?

Because it’s a masterpiece , very view movies nowadays carry a meaning , all they want is money and to get it they are willing to pay millions of dollars to an actress to appear nude , cast a crazy man with a gun and tell him to kill everyone in the movie and miraculously he kill everyone except for his lover yeah don’t forget about his girlfriend without dying .

Do they think that were stupid or something ? 

Now someone may say it’s just a movie but a movies lasting for 2 hours that your never getting it back should give back something in return more than just beautiful faces and ideal world that never exist .

Let’s return to spirited away ,when i saw it it gives me a nice feeling of hope , that a person can make his/her dreams comes true through a combination of perseverance , hope and doing you best knowing there no way to lose .

I can’t speak about the movie any further or else i’m going to ruin it for .

Have fun watching.



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