When you’re confused

Why are you confused ?

I’ll tell you why , it’s because of all the distraction in our world , world is full of shit and only a small part of it carries a deep meaning , however most of the people and things in life are fake , for example those YouTubers who post their vlog everyday always tries to do stupid things and do funny things just to show the rest of the world the life they living , a second example is people on Instagram that we don’t give a shit about their life but they are for some reason continue to post , basically all these people regardless of what site or app they use to show themselves to the world are fake , why ?

Because they only show you the best things in their lives , they never show you when they are sad,angry,depressed,frustrated ( i’m dizzy so i couldn’t remember all of the things ) .i call them fake because they are only showing a part of their self , only what they want to show you

Not let’s get back to our main topic , distraction .

Human play an active world in the environment they live in , they can affect their environment and also they can get affected by their environment , it’s a two way road , so if you keep reading everything , watch everything hear everything with no limitation you almost always will get confused so what should you do ?

Move away from everything that is not necessary  , you don’t need TV, you don’t need to sit on your mobile the whole day , you don’t have to use the internet all the times , let us go back to our true self , a diamond only appears when you apply pressure and heat on coal , so unleash your inner power , your inner strength , control yourself and don’t let the world control you , i’m not been dramatic it’s the truth


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