When nothing matters anymore

After a lot of thinking I’ve reached to a point where nothing matters to me anymore you may call it depression or loss of interest but the question is why I developed such a feeling ?

Is it because I’m bored with these things , apparently no ,, because I love medicine , although it’s hard but that’s why I like it in the first place because a few people in the world can do the function of a doctor but there is inner voice telling me that it’s doesn’t matter what you do , no body care about it , and if you reached where you want to be you won’t be happy because your not happy here in the first place ,

All are to some extent are reasonable things except why should I care if it doesn’t matter to others what am I doing , I’m the only one that is doing it so why do I have to take the bullshit and garbage of other people although I’m the only one dealing with these situation , it matters to me and that’s good enough for me .

Secondly people try to diminish your dream since they only want  what in their best interest an you fulfilling your dream is not going to benefit them a lot so it look to them as unimportant thing not because it’s really not important but because it’s not important to them because they are not a part of it , and you’ll feel the same for others achievements .



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