things to remember

Remember : you should always ask yourself  is this thing important to me ??

If yes the you do it without looking for others approval , don’t consider yourself as the only one that is lost and confused a lot of people have this feeling but at least you have something in your pocket that everyone is striving to get it, so make the best of this thing and remember if they have chance will be in your place in a hint if they were having the choice even the student with you , why do they trying to make fun of you , is it because you’re doing something stupid. of course not it’s because your smarter than then , better than them , and  the teacher is loving you while none of them is known by the teacher so they try to compensate this difference by making fun of you and your  acceptance to this situation makes them achieve their goal , they are stupid people , because if there were smart enough they would be smarter than you and won’t deal with you the same  way that are doing it with , so actually doing this thing prove that the are deficient mentally .


Third : don’t accept other people insult or bullshit ; they have no right of doing so  if anyone tries respond with a furious attitude so they won’t do it again

You don’t have to accept other people insult , you ought to accept others but only if they did not cross the line


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