pursuit of happiness

Are you going to be happy if you achieve your goal ? 

Of course not there is no such thing as happiness in this earth but I’m hoping to get some degree of satisfaction when I reach to me goal for example reaching to my goal means that I become independent financially and that’s a great thing it will allow me to but the clothes that I really want not the cheap one , but the nice cars that I always wanted to buy , buy the most glorious house , help my family and be as supportive to others as much as I can , all these are great things and certainly it will give a great feeling of well-being in not happiness , secondly you can be independent and live on your own s that I won’t to take the garbage of others , the corrupted culture of other and I will not see the things that I don’t like seeing this could be the most important advantage till now , all of these thing of course you will reach a better degree of happiness .


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